The production takes place in the local cottage industry of the Swedish island of Gotland. All products are durable and environment-friendly.

The knitwear consists of 100 % Gotland wool, whose unique quality is its long soft and shiny silver-grey curls. It is renewable, moisture-proof and flame-retardant. The wool is cut twice a year and spun in a spinnery to achieve the right yarn quality. The color range of the products depends on the natural color of the wool. Whether anthracite grey or black as in domestic Gotland sheep or white as in Leicester and Swedish Finewool, they are all from sheep grazing the pastures of the island.

The woven blankets, on the other hand, contain approximately 20% wool from Gotland sheep and 80% from other species such as the Swedish Finewool sheep.

The cottage industry keeps around 30 hand-knitters busy, all with their own personal touch. Apart from its quality, the final structure of the wool depends on aspects like available grazing and annual shifts in the weather. Unique variations like these as well as in yarn deliveries make the weight and dimensions of the products approximate. Variation in the blankets may be caused when cutting them into batches in preparation for machine weaving.       

Before leaving the warehouse each item is inspected by the Eldblå team.